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Get Gluing!

You have a potential client in front of every screen. Our content is hidden behind every screen, keeping your target audience glued to their screens.
Our content is timely, straightforward, and, most importantly, creative.

We have a group of practicing doctors who assist us with content creation. We have a strong social media connection with the general population, which allows us to better understand their needs and develop popular content. As a result of this our patient education campaigns are a huge success.

Our expertise is in healthcare marketing, and we provide end-to-end solutions for your company.


Hi I am Dr. Arjun Goswami. I am the CEO and Founder of Glu Studios.
I come from a medical background, graduating in 2016 from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. At Glu Studios, I am the person who guides creativity, giving shape to ideas, the art and design.

In 2018, I entered pharmaceutical industry as a product manager. After working in the pharma industry for around 2 years, I felt there was a persisting gap in the knowledge communication from the pharma companies  to the end user /patient and even the doctors. That’s when I conceptualized the need for digitization of pharmaceutical & healthcare sector.

I made a mission to make information more fun, accessible and easy to understand.

I went on to then learn graphic designing, animation and Digital Marketing so that I can guide my team as per our client’s need. I blended it with my medical knowledge & gave birth to Glu Studios! With an incredible team of young artists and creative thinkers and digital marketers, we deliver innovative & informative projects perfectly tailored as per client’s need. With our Digital Marketing team, we have been able to take our content to millions of people all around the world and helped our clients.

Kanishka Gupta

Hi I am Kanishka Gupta. I’m a Civil Engineer by qualification and also completed a Digital Marketing course from NMIMS, Mumbai. I’ve worked with an Investment Banking firm as a Business Developer for 3+ years in corporate. I’ve always been looking for ways to get out of my comfort zone.

Hence, I joined Glu Studios since its inception. I think one of the big differences between Glu Studios and other advertising companies is that we approach our work very proactively, with the mindset of a problem solver.

Our team’s superpower is the ability to adapt to each project as needed: we can blend in and be a seamless part of your team, or we can stand out as a trusted digital designer and lead a large and complex project. We move quickly and deliberately and we make sure the process feels inclusive, transparent, and fun – because let’s be honest, we are super lucky to do what we do and it should be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Our Strength is our extensive research work which makes it easier of companies to work with us. Also, our turn around time is substantially less than other companies because we have a lean and hardworking team.



Creative Guys

Digital Marketers

2-D & 3-D Animators

App and Website Developers

Content Writers

Graphic Designers

Happiness Officer (Tubby)

Great work requires great people, and we think ours are some of the best in the industry.

We’re a creative, friendly and diverse bunch, who truly enjoy what we do and the people we work with. Our team spirit, expertise and perspective helps us create solutions that go far beyond just a good idea.

We are the India’s leading user of marketing buzzwords. Synergy, edutainment, gamification, shoptimization. We’ll give you those for free. Then we take these buzzwords and combine them, creating patented Super-Buzzwords™.

We focus 100% of our energy to deliver the best creative product. The other 100% is to deliver flawless strategy. Digital accounts for the other, other 100%. Glu Studios is the only agency that can offer 300% dedication to our client’s business.