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To succeed, businesses require – visionary leadership, an appealing product or service, top-notch customer service, and more. However, your brand needs a story in the crowded marketing environment of today.

Because they stir up emotion, stories are better for marketing. They can affect who we believe, appeal to our nostalgia, and aid us in making sense of complicated information. In less than three minutes, a really compelling story can convey the entire personality of a company. Additionally, telling clever stories can make you more convincing than ever.

Glu Studios is one of the top creative media production company based at Delhi and Mumbai. Our young enthusiastic crew, crafts amazing 2D and 3D animated videos from scratch.

Trust by some of the top companies all over the world, we have have made over 200 short and long videos in a span of 2 years.

Video Production Partner

With over three years of experience providing video content services from small startups to the top companies in India.

With over three years of experience providing video content services from small startups to the top companies in India.

We are trusted by brands worldwide because we have an “out-of-the-box” type of thinking while remaining flexible and down-to-earth. Simply put, our passion is to make videos that can glu your audience to their screens.

We have created multiple videos over the years like –

Product Explainer video

Animated video

Animated Webinar video

Social Media videos

Patient Education video

Teaser video

Product launch video

Internal training video

Medical Study video

Corporate video

VFX video

Motion Graphics video




We start our conversation over a coffee or a beer as you please or over a call, while we try to understand what you do and what your requirements are.Then we assess the objectives, scope of work, which involves extensive research where we put our team of knowledgeable subject matter experts to do in-depth research on your TG, competitors, who then summarise your submitted material into a draft script.


“Your content is the King” — that’s our next step. Before you sketch a character or record a vocal track, you need a script. We share our ideas on your requirements and your TG structured as per the drafted expert’s script and suggest ways to make content engaging as well as easy to understand by your customers. On approval of the script we handover it to our creative & production team for awesome video creation.


Just like all good writers begin their articles with outlines, good marketers begin their videos with storyboards. Storyboarding helps to figure out the kinks & identify any gaps in the video- to ensure the final product is exactly like you envisioned before you spent money on production. 
Yup, that’s the real game we play in our Creative Rooms. We structure your story by identifying Opener, Problem Statement, Solution, and then necessary Call-to-Action. Hence, determining the pivotal points in your marketing video.


“Attention” is all every marketer is craving for! So grabbing attention with illustrations remains a critical consideration. Glu Studios’ amazing illustrators create dynamic illustrations/graphics, adding artistic distinctions, and style to your video and adverts. What sets us apart is our creators are medically sound so if you’re looking for a perfect blend of “Science and Creativity” under one roof – you are at the right place! With illustrations, consumer education takes place in a relaxed, informal, and comic manner that gels well with the consumer’s emotions. Hence, they’re “GLUed to the screens, pun intended!

Voice Over

It goes without saying how important a clear voice is in audio and visual material. If you want to reach huge audiences and keep your viewers (or listeners) interested, the sound quality must be superb.

Voice overs “humanize your brand”. Best way to fill conceptual gaps covering any details that may be harder to explain visually. What type of voice works best for you? We have the best artists behind our beautiful videos. Be it British, American accent, Australian, Caucasian, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Indian Neutral accent, you name it, we have it! The tone of voice, the cadences it has, and timing all lend to give your video a personality. In fact we’ve curated the best Voice-Over artists that can spell medical-terms accurately without making it sound boring. 

A company that doesn’t use video might lose up to 1 in 4 customers. But a poor narrator who stumbles over phrases and hesitates in front of complex words and technical jargon is what really kills a wonderful text. No matter how wonderful your video is, no one will continue watching if the voice-over is monotonous.



“Animation is powerful” and can do what’s nearly impossible in live-action. Animation is a complicated process that includes a wide array of styles and types. Perhaps, it is the most effective story-telling tool for almost every industry, brands, products, services. After scripting, story boarding & VO, we work on how to incorporate visuals into amazing videos. As an actor moves and speaks, the character does as well — it mirrors the performance like a puppet. Our young-energetic, medically sound animators & creative professionals do all the hard work for you and present you visually appealing, high quality animated videos to live.

Final project delivery

Quality check:
Our best people make sure your content is accurate and in line with your product and trends. Hence, we identify errors and rectify the tiniest of mistakes before sending them for a review. 

And it’s a wrap! The deliverables are prepped, polished and compiled keeping in mind your feedback so that it not only looks stunning but is ready to astound your audience.